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Bony Acai USA/HAWAII is an acai beverage company fueling the world's top athletes. Established in Brazil in 2006, Bony Acai has grown into one of the leading Acai beverage companies in the world. With some of the world's top MMA fighters, Bony Acai is the official Acai beverage of the UFC in Brazil. We pride ourselves on bringing you the highest quality Acai products in the world.


Check out our guy Brendan Schaub in a commercial for Soul Electronics with Tim Tebow & Usain Bolt.



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Don’t scare yourself into a candy-induced Halloween coma tomorrow. Celebrate Halloween with a healthier alternative and get yourself to the gym!

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The WINNER of the Pat Duffy/Bony Acai Contest is STEPHEN JOSE PATTERSON!!! Thanks to everyone for their entries and participation. To those of..

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#ENERGIZE like a CHAMPION! Achieve excellent health, a clear mind and the beverage bursting with the flavor of #Brazil. Get a hold of #BonyAcai..

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LAST CALL!!! The Pat Duffy/Bony Acai #contest and giveaway will conclude at 12 Noon PDT… TODAY! Get the details and make your entries asap..

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It’s Woman Crush Wednesday! We figured we’d recognize someone in the world of #ufc. Ronda Rousey is definitely at the top or our list for #wcw…

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Jose Aldo showed no mercy at UFC 179 last Saturday! It was a powerful performance by the fierce fighter and has raised the bar in his career…

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Good morning and happy #Monday from #BonyAcai! Our Pat Duffy/Bony Acai #Contest entries are great. Keep the comments creative, yet appropriate…

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Feel the burn! Can you dominate this weekend fitness challenge like a warrior?

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Want free swag?! Get over to our Bony Acai FB Page for the contest and our biggest prize giveaway to date! See details pinned to the top of our..

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Focus your Bony Acai energy! There are many ways to make your martial arts training more productive and refined. Check this out!

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Get hooked up!!! We are giving away a lot of cool stuff in our latest contest. Pat Duffy, pro-skater for PlanB , dropped in for a vist at Bony..

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Legendary pro-skater Pat Duffy was cool enough to slide into Bony HQ and hand us some truly awesome PlanB swag! So, now we must hold another..

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Move planets with your fitness moves and #BonyAcai #Energy Sticks.

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These 15 benefits are really just reasons why Bony Acai Energy Sticks should be yours! So, what are you gonna do about it?

Energize and be healthy..

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Get a little taste of paradise with Bony Acai Energy Sticks!

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Here’s a 3-move weekend fitness challenge that puts your core strength to the test. Don’t burn out! Set your workout on fire with some Bony Acai..

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It’s Friday! Why not celebrate with a little Bony Acai Natural Energy Juice?! Our offer still stands. You buy one case of Bony juice and in return..

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