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Bony Acai USA/HAWAII is an acai beverage company fueling the world's top athletes. Established in Brazil in 2006, Bony Acai has grown into one of the leading Acai beverage companies in the world. With some of the world's top MMA fighters, Bony Acai is the official Acai beverage of the UFC in Brazil. We pride ourselves on bringing you the highest quality Acai products in the world.


Check out our guy Brendan Schaub in a commercial for Soul Electronics with Tim Tebow & Usain Bolt.



We would like to proudly announce the winner of this week’s Pat Duffy skate deck and Bony Acai contest! Jordan Chowdy Davis is the WINNER!!..

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Want that MMA physique? Get closer to your goal with this workout.

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Hump Day, Pump Day! Jumpstart your energy with a bony stick and go after those rock-solid abs you’ve been striving for.

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Search no further.

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From the octagon to the halfpipe, our athletes fight to be champions. Which UFC fighter would be the best skater?

Our favorite answer wins a..

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Boost your energy in 50 ways and add in a Bony stick. Men’s Fitness

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How have you been keeping fit during your summer travels?

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Need a lift? Power through your Saturday workout with Bony Acai. Arnold Strongman Classic

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All you San Diegans should definitely come by our MMA Evolution Expo booth at the San Diego Convention Center today and tomorrow. We’ll hook..

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Check out our man Jerome-Max “Blessed” Holloway in tomorrow’s UFC Fight Night!

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Gear up for the weekend!

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Capture your energy.

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Energy that stands the test of time.

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The perfect way to improve your fitness: Bony sticks and a well-rounded, steady protein diet. Check this out!

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Can you take on the weekend challenge? Might wanna grab a Bony stick! Men’s Health

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Where will you take your #adventure this weekend?

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Get #energized and press #play on your weekend. #teambony

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MMA Goes Hollywood. What are your favorite movie fight scenes? UFC

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