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Bony Acai USA/HAWAII is an acai beverage company fueling the world's top athletes. Established in Brazil in 2006, Bony Acai has grown into one of the leading Acai beverage companies in the world. With some of the world's top MMA fighters, Bony Acai is the official Acai beverage of the UFC in Brazil. We pride ourselves on bringing you the highest quality Acai products in the world.


Check out our guy Brendan Schaub in a commercial for Soul Electronics with Tim Tebow & Usain Bolt.



Fuel your journey to the top.

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A bowl of acai a day…

Stock up on our acai juice!

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Put some warrior in your weekend.

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Big thank you to our pro skater, Pat Duffy, for dropping off three signed decks at Bony Headquarters. Details next week on how you can win one…

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Turn your potential energy into perpetual energy.

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Humpday: Pressure winds down. Starting now.

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Need more punch in your energy drink?

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Lyoto – Man with moves in the octagon and in the club #TeamBony

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Get your acai energy and get on with it.

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Looks like this little guy knows how to get a good start to the weekend.

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Congratulations Leslie and Alejandro for winning our new #ESPY category contest! Message us to claim your free t-shirts!

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Put your dukes up!

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The #ESPYS have come and gone but the games don’t stop. Come up with a new ESPY category for our fighters for a chance to win a FREE Bony shirt!..

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Flex your acai.

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Glad to see Miss Virginia is enjoying her box of Bony Weight Loss! Get yours at to suppress your appetite, boost your..

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Stars have aligned and the Fighter and the Kid are ready to dance. #DWTS bound?

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Jump-start your Monday.

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Get in the game.

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